ProFlex™ Hose

ProFlex™ PFA offers super long lengths, excellent chemical resistance, and flexibility. PFA has the same chemical and temperature resistance as PTFE and much better flex life than FEP. ProFlex PFA open pitch spiral convolutions aid in draining, flushing, and cleaning of the hose. ProFlex industrial grade PFA was designed for customer applications that don’t require or need pharmaceutical grade hose. For Pharmacopoeia class VI or semi-conductor applications please request ProFlex “HP”.

ProFlex™ Advantages

  • Corrosion Resistant – PFA is fully resistant to the broadest range of industrial chemicals and has a zero corrosion rate with lower life cycle costs.
  • Long Continuous Lengths – Up to 1,000 feet long (size dependent). Excellent for slip lining failed piping systems.
  • Ease of Fabrication – Fittings do not need PTFE tape wrap on fitting barb and insert does not require any tooling to be installed. Cut & crimp—reduced fabrication costs.
  • Cleanable – Non-stick, low porosity tube is self-cleaning and does not trap bacteria. Can be cleaned with steam, detergents, caustics, or solvents.
  • Flexible – Lower forces needed to bend or flex; aids in installation and operation.


Specification Data
Operating pressure ratings are one-fourth the minimum burst pressure at (+)70°F (21°C)
Pressure and vacuum ratings are based at (+)70°F (21°C)
Stainless braid and bare hose temperature range: (-)65°F (-54°C) to (+)450°F (+232°C)
Polypropylene braid temperature range: (-)20°F (-29°C) to (+)250°F (+121°C)
Operating Pressure (psi) Minimum
Bend Radius
Per Foot
1/2″ 1500 575 1.50 29.9 0.20
5/8″ 1200 550 1.50 29.9 0.24
3/4″ 1100 500 2.00 29.9 0.28
1″ 1000 400 2.50 29.9 0.35
1-1/4″ 875 350 3.25 29.9 0.48
1-1/2″ 750 300 3.75 29.9 0.60
2″ 625 250 6.50 24.0 0.85
3″ 150 150 9.50 20.0 1.79


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