Rubber Covered PTFE Hose for Industrial Hose Use

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Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, is incredibly resistant to corrosive, caustic chemicals, stress cracks, permeability, and more. As such, it’s one of the most common types of hose for industrial and chemical applications. Rubber covered PTFE hoses boast many unique characteristics and qualities that can make them ideal for your application.

Rubber coverings for PTFE hose products offer some key benefits, such as being lighter weight and more flexible compared to many braided hose coverings. These coverings help protect the PTFE inner layer to reduce wear and tear and increase longevity. In addition, these can be ordered in a wide variety of colors for color coding and even allow for printing on the exterior surface for labelling of many different kinds.

Another advantage of choosing rubber covered PTFE hoses is that they are easy to handle and clean. The smooth exterior means operators can safely handle the hoses without fears of scrapes and other minor injuries on their hands. Also, rubber coverings on PTFE hoses are simple to wipe down and clean, making them perfect for many sanitary applications, such as food handling, pharmaceuticals, and more.

PTFE hose green and yellow exterior

Rubber covered PTFE hoses are found in many commercial and industrial applications. In addition to offering food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade hose options, they also meet requirements for many chemical transfer applications. They stand up to solvents, caustics, and more and offer long life cycles for durability, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Rubber covered PTFE hoses from our manufacturers also offer full vacuum capabilities, making them multi-functional for suction, discharge, and transfer operations.

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