Smooth Bore PTFE Hose for Industrial Hose Applications

Need precise flow control from your PTFE hose? Smooth bore hoses made from Teflon offer serious durability and optimized fluid, gas, and solids transfer. We offer smooth bore PTFE hoses from recognized names like PureFlex and Pacific Echo for quick shipment to your facility.

Smooth bore PTFE hoses offer a low friction, non-stick, self-cleaning option for industrial hoses. Made from PTFE, these hoses can stand up to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures and offer low permeability for potentially hazardous substances. Smooth bore PTFE hoses come in a wide range of options, including different sizes, wall thicknesses, and outer coverings like stainless steel or bronze braided shells. Because PTFE is a strong material, these hoses have an excellent shelf life and resist deterioration from aging and wear and tear.

Smooth bore industrial hoses feature a smooth tube inside, which allows for superior drainability and flow control. These hoses generally come in smaller sizes and have lower minimum bend radii compared to corrugated options.

Smooth bore PTFE hoses are suitable for many different applications, particularly those that deal with lower pressures. You can find these hoses in food production, agriculture, laboratories, and pharmaceutical applications, to name just a few. Smooth bore hoses can also be reinforced to resist vacuum pressure, so they can be great for both suction and discharge applications.

PTFE Hose Manufacturers

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