Industrial PVC Hose for Discharge Applications

We provide high quality discharge hoses from top-rated manufacturers for a variety of applications. When you choose J.W. Roberts Co. for your industrial hose needs, you get peace of mind your hose is durable, long-lasting, and reliable for your discharge applications.

Discharge hoses use positive pressure to expel materials in pumping applications. These industrial hoses attach to pumps to transport materials like water, waste, chemicals, petroleum, and food to a different area.


While discharge hoses can be made of practically any material, industrial PVC hoses are the most common type of discharge hose. PVC hoses can be rated for both suction and discharge or discharge-only applications. Discharge-only industrial hoses often come in the form of PVC layflat hoses. Layflat discharge hoses offer many advantages for discharge applications, including easy storage and transport, and significant flexibility. Layflat industrial PVC hoses are great for horizontal and downhill discharge applications.

In some cases, you may need reinforced PVC or rubber hoses for discharge lines. Layflat hoses are great for many uses, they can also be more prone to kinking and may falsely increase pump head pressure. In these cases, you may need to choose reinforced industrial hoses for discharge functions to reduce risks for pump performance and discharge issues. Reinforced hose options can often be used for both suction and discharge purposes.

We carry many types of multi-purpose, industrial hoses and specialty hoses to assist you in all your commercial and industrial applications. Whether you are in the chemical, petroleum, food, agriculture, oil patch, offshore or a standard material handling business, you can always depend on J.W. Roberts Co.’s industrial hoses and accessories. We are a respected wholesale distributor of industrial hoses from the industry’s top names, including Sun flow, NovaFlex, and Pacific Echo.

Discharge Hose Manufacturers

Questions to ask to choose the right industrial hose for your application:

Consider pertinent diameters (inside & out), length, and flexibility needs.

Consider minimum and maximum temperatures of transferred material to choose the right industrial hose.

Consider the type and size and whether you need threaded or non-threaded couplings.

Consider working pressure and burst pressure.

No matter how you answer these questions, we have industrial discharge hoses to suit your needs. As one of the largest suppliers of industrial hose, we are confident we can find the ideal hose for your needs and application.

Contact J.W. Roberts today and talk to one of our seasoned industrial hose experts and let us know what your specific application requires.