Close up of coil of industrial metal hose

Industrial Metal Hose: Stainless Steel vs. Bronze Braided

There are many types of industrial metal hose products to choose from for your application. Steel braided and bronze braided are the most popular. These …

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heavy-duty dry coupling used to connect industrial hoses

Industrial Hose Accessories: Dry Break Couplings

There are a variety of industrial hose accessories available on the market today. One type of accessory that is gaining popularity is the dry break …

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Ultraflex PTFE Hose

PTFE Hose for Hydraulic Applications

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for PTFE hose in hydraulic applications. This is due to the many benefits that PTFE offers …

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Industrial hose attached to machinery

Industrial Hose: Which Material is Best for Water?

Industrial hose helps transfer a variety of media in many different types of processes. Hose, also sometimes known as tubing, can transport liquids and solids …

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PTFE hose green and yellow exterior

What is PTFE Hose?

PTFE hose is hose made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This type of hose has many important properties that make it an effective option for transferring a …

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PVC Hose

Attributes and Applications for Industrial PVC Hose

If you are in need of hoses for industrial applications, one of the best options for many industries is PVC hosing. PVC offers a huge …

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Industrial Metal Hose

Applications for Industrial Metal Hose

The movement of fluids or dry bulk materials from one place to another is frequently carried out by the use of pipes. However, there are …

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