industrial metal hose without corrosion

Preventing Corrosion to Industrial Metal Hoses: Strategies for Durability

Industrial metal hoses are unsung heroes in many industries. They transport harsh chemicals, abrasive materials, extreme temperatures, and high pressures that would destroy less durable ...
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industrial bakery using industrial PVC hose

Sanitary Water Supply with Industrial PVC Hose

In many processing facilities, using industrial PVC hose to maintain a sanitary water supply is not just important, it’s absolutely critical. Industries such as food ...
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industrial hose supplying concrete

Industrial Hose Options for Concrete Supply and Transfer

Industrial hoses are essential in many scenarios, from material-transferring hoses to draining hoses; a hose can help with almost anything at any time. Therefore, when ...
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paper being processed in factory with industrial metal hose components

Industrial Metal Hose Options for Pulp and Paper Processing

If your business operates within the pulp and paper industry, you’ve likely encountered a need for metal hose solutions. As deposits, acids, alkalis, chemicals, and ...
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spill from industrial hose needing dry disconnect couplings

Why Dry Disconnect Couplings for Industrial Hose?

  Dry disconnect couplings for industrial hose are a highly effective safety solution for businesses that transport and store hazardous liquids, as they provide easy ...
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industrial PVC hose and tanks for dairy industry

Industrial PVC Hose for the Dairy Industry

As a producer in the dairy industry, you know the importance of using food safe, reliable, and durable hose solutions to transfer milk and other ...
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oil refinery that uses industrial hose firesleeve

Firesleeve for Industrial Hose

If you need a reliable and durable solution to protect industrial hoses from extreme temperature, flames, and other hazards, then firesleeve is an excellent option ...
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Industrial hose and piping for water treatment process using chlorine

Chlorine Hoses Use and Maintenance

Industrial hose designed specifically for chlorine transfer helps ensure safety and maximum operational efficiency. These specialty hoses require a minimal amount of maintenance and are ...
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Coil of black industrial PVC hose

Choosing the Right Industrial Hose for Material Handling

Choosing a durable, reliable hose solution for your industrial material handling can be essential to keeping operations running smoothly. You may need an industrial PVC ...
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