Industrial Hose Accessories | Clamps, Crimp Sleeves & Ferrules

We have hose accessory solutions needed for heavy-duty industrial hose assemblies. We have hose clamps, crimp sleeves, and ferrules from the leading names in the industry, such as Stainless Hose Fittings and others. Our industrial application experts can help you find the ideal accessories for your needs. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective products, fast delivery, and high quality solutions for your industrial hose assemblies.

Industrial Hose Clamps

There are many different types of industrial hose clamps to choose from to secure fittings to hose assemblies, also known as banding for hose assemblies. One of the most common is known as worn gear hose clamps or screw/band hose clamps. These are frequently used for hose assemblies designed for low pressure applications. Worm gear hose clamps are simple to use and don’t require special tools. All you do is tighten or loosen the screw on the clamp to tighten or loosen the band. They are an incredibly economical option and are often reusable for different hose assemblies.


Ear hose clamps feature one or more “ears” that are closed with pincer tools. These are a permanent type of industrial hose clamp and typically must be destroyed in order to be removed. Many organizations use this type of clamp for banding hose assemblies in higher pressure applications.

Spring and wire industrial hose clamps offer constant tension around the hose to maintain connections between hoses and fittings. These hose accessories are common for applications with temperature fluctuations, as they allow the clamp to expand and contract with the hose and fitting.

Clamps are generally best suited for low pressure applications or when you need temporary connections. Industrial hose clamps are made to be durable and reliable, but this connection type isn’t meant for extreme pressures.

Our team can help you find the ideal hose clamps for your needs. We can help you find the right type, size, and material of hose clamp to provide superior sealing for your hose assemblies.

Crimp Sleeves and Ferrules

When your application requires high pressures and permanent fittings, crimping is the most common attachment type for hose assemblies. This involves using pressure to crimp special hose accessories down and create compression around the diameter of the hose. Industrial hose ferrules and crimp sleeves play an integral part in crimped hose assemblies.

Hose ferrules are accessories with ridges or “teeth” that interlock with fittings. This helps provide a tight seal, even in high pressure conditions. The ferrules are tightened around the hose and fitting using special crimping machines that use serious force to compress them. In some cases, you may also need hose crimp sleeves for your assembly. These smooth metal sleeves can help act as a barrier between the hose material and the ridges of the ferrule to reduce the risk of cutting, puncturing, or serrating the hose covering or reinforcement layer. You may need crimp sleeves for softer industrial hose materials, such as rubber or silicone.

Contact us now to discuss your application with our specialists and find the right industrial hose accessories for your needs.