FEP Chemical Transfer Hose

Novaflex 4600

A rubber hose, recommended for the transfer of products that require a hose tube with the highest level of chemical resistance. The FEP “teflon-type” tube provides that extra margin of safety; with a white chemical resistant back up rubber stock for high adhesion’s. FEP transfer hose is excellent for tank truck, barge loading, storage tank transfer and in plant applications requiring flexibility and durability.

Tube: FEP
Reinforcement: Multiple plies of polyester tire cord with helix wire
Cover: Blue EPDM (available in black, gray, yellow, green, white with 400ft. order)
Length: 100 ft
Couplings: Use only permanently attached couplings designed for “teflon-type” tube hoses
Temperature Range: -30° to +300°F dependent on chemical conveyed. Consult chemical resistant chart. Not for steam service. Can be open end steam cleaned.

Non-stock orders – (other color hose covers: green, black, purple, yellow, white, gray) are available and requires a 400ft minimum order per I.D. Meets or exceeds the requirements of FDA & USDA under 21 CFR 177, 1550, 3-A sanitary standards 20-15.



Technical Data Sheet Download PDF