Extra Flexible Nitrile Food Suction & Discharge Hose

Novaflex 6314

Novaflex 6314 Extra Flexible Nitrile Food 150 Suction & Discharge Hose
Recommended for the food transfer application (oily and non-oily) that demands both flexibility and ruggedness with a clean white FDA grade tube. Meets FDA, USDA & 3A sanitary standards Authorized #1376. The food grade nitrile tube is odorless and tasteless for those oily transfer applications. This ultra smooth microbe resistant tube is built of special stainless steel mandrels for cleanliness.

Tube: FDA white nitrile
Reinforcement: Multiple plies of polyester tire cord with helix wire
Cover: Grey PVC nitrile corrugated
Length: 100 ft.
Temperature Range -40°F (-40°C) to +210°F (+99°C)
Cleaning in Place to 248°F (+120°C) Not for continuous steam service
Corrugated available with UHMWP cover “WTU” for added abrasion resistance.

NovaGlide is an UHMWP cover applied over the rubber cover to provide easy cleaning, low coefficient of friction and added abrasion.



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