Bulk Material Transfer Hose 5017

Novaflex 5017

Bulk Material Rubber Transfer Hose Novaflex 5017TG is the 150 psi working pressure rated version of Novaflex 5016TG. This ¼” Tan Gum rubber tube is produced with a high abrasion resistance tube that is designed for the transfer of bulk materials. Novaflex 5017TG hose is corrugated to provide maximum flexibility. Construction:
Tube: ¼” Tan gum natural rubber
Reinforcement: Plies of tire cord and helix wire
Cover: Black SBR corrugated
Length: 50 ft. Ends: plain or soft cuffs
Temperature Range: -40°F to +160°F

Novaflex 5017YG – Yellow Novawear tube – superior abrasion resistance



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