AF-Liner with Soft Cuff


AF Liner
Rubber two-ply light duty material handling hose/rubberized ducting, wire reinforced. Constructed without glue, eliminating any potential de-lamination. A low pressure hose, designed to be extremely lightweight, but offer high flexibility and abrasion resistance in vacuum and discharge applications.


Tube: 1/8” ultra high abrasion resistant red natural rubber
Reinforcement: Multiple plies of fabric with steel helix
Cover: Rubberized fabric
Temperature Range: 30°F (-34°C) to 140°F (60°C)
Working Pressure: 2” to 30psi (2Bar), 4” to 25psi (1.7Bar), 6” to 16psi (1.1Bar), 8” to 12psi (0.8Bar)
Available in many other tube compounds.
Integral soft cuffs available upon request.
Style No: 3MBAF2RA_ _



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