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PVC Hose for Industrial Hose – Discharge Applications

PVC Hose for Industrial Hose - Discharge ApplicationsWhen considering industrial hose applications, a myriad of suction, transfer and discharge hoses are available. What exactly are you looking for in a quality industrial hose? Contact J.W. Roberts today and talk to one of our experienced and seasoned industrial hose experts and let us know what your specific application requires.

We carry many types of multi-purpose, industrial hoses and specialty hoses to assist you in all your commercial and industrial applications. Whether you are in the chemical, petroleum, food, agriculture, oil patch, offshore or a standard material handling business, you can always depend on J. W. Roberts’s industrial hoses and accessories.

Questions to ask:

  • What size of industrial hose do you need? Ideas: pertinent diameters (inside & out), length, flexibility
  • What temperature will the transfer material be? Ideas: minimum and maximum temperatures of transferred material.
  • How will your hose attach to your equipment? What type of couplings will be needed? Idea: what type, size, threaded, or non threaded?
  • What type of product will be transferred? Idea: hot, cold, dry, wet
  • What type of pressure will the industrial hose need to contain? Idea: working pressure, burst pressure.