Industrial Hose & Accessories - Rubber PVC Silicone Metal Ducting and more

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ADL Insulflex

ADL Insulflex manufactures high-performance, non-asbestos, industrial heat protection products. ADL Insulflex is a front-ranked global supplier of high-quality, cost-effective products for high-heat environments. ADL Insulflex conducts research, design and manufacture in-house.

Alpha Process

Alpha Process is the manufacturer of safety break-away couplings. The couplings protect against driveaway incidents.

Gerrard & Co.

Gerrard & Company is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality strapping products, application tools, and equipment.

Hose Master

Hose Master “offers a wide variety of products designed to provide maximum performance and cost saving solutions to metal hose applications.”


NovaFlex is the manufacturer of flexible rubber hoses, silicone hoses, expansion joints, and other speciality application.

Pacific Echo

Pacific Echo is the manufacturer of Spiralite® PVC hoses that offer unique features and benefits in construction, quality and versatility.


Pro Con is the manufacturer of “Pig’s Tail” protective wrapping.  Pig’s Tail is designed for heavy duty bundling and protection, featuring rounded edges for safe and easy installation.

Sun Flow

Sun-Flow manufactures a wide range of industrial rubber and plastic products.


Todo is a Sweden-based manufacturer of a comprehensive line of fluid handling materials and equipment.

“Todo-Matic couplings are the most advanced high performance products of their type in the world and come complete with the specification and certification to prove it.”

“Todo-Gas couplings are the only range available that are specifically designed for the safe transfer of liquefied Propane and Butane. ”