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Industrial Hose Construction – Types of Hose

Industrial Hose Construction - Types of HoseIndustrial hose can be made of many different products such as silicone, rubber, PVC, metal and more. Different applications have different needs depending on the material passing through the hosing. Temperature, weight, pressure, and the type of material needing transfer is considered when choosing an industrial hose.

The experts at J. W. Roberts – the South’s leader in industrial hose distribution – offer their expertise in industrial hose applications. We are here to help you with your material transfer needs whether it is liquid, dry materials, corrosive materials or simply air transfer that you need to move. We guarantee our products and only carry the best of the best in industrial hoses. We warehouse products from major companies such as: Nova Flex, Sun Flow, Nova Uni-Chem, Hose Master and Pacific Echo.

Types of Hose & Ducting: