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Petroleum Transfer Hose Supply 

Industrial Hose - Petroleum - Suction Transfer & Discharge ApplicationsThe utilization of petroleum transfer hose in industrial hose applications, whether it be for transfer from a waterside vessel, to oilfield services, to filling the tanks at gas stations, petroleum transfer hose is intelligently designed to be lightweight, flexible, as well as easy and safe to handle. J.W. Roberts carries different constructions of industrial hose that meet the appropriate petroleum transfer standards required to safely complete the job properly.

Industrial Hose For Suction Transfer & Discharge Applications

Industrial hose that is resistant to weather as well as other environmental challenges, gas permeation, abrasion, petroleum oils, whether hot or cold, is required for different petroleum applications. The experts at J. W. Roberts are knowledgeable in all hose applications, and are ready for any challenges your specific requirements may present.